BEAT FOUNDATIONS Beginner DJ Studio Session x 3

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Immerse Yourself in the DJ Universe with DJ NATMAC! No experience needed. Enjoy a 1-2-1, 60-min session and master DJ essentials on top-tier PioneerDJ gear (CDJs and Mixer).

NATMAC sets the stage for your DJ journey's foundation. And when you're ready to hit the live scene, Underground Ovation has open deck nights waiting for you.

Now, take your DJ experience to the next level with our Special 3-Session Bundle! Dive into the world of DJing, learn the ropes, and gear up for a thriving career. Grab this bundle and save big as you journey through the beats and beyond.

Book your first slot with this booking and the second and third sessions will be arranged in the first session.

    Terms and conditions apply for use.

    Headphones provided.

    Fully liable for any damages.

    24 hours cancellation policy to receive a full refund.