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About Us...

Underground Ovation was born in 2017 with an idea to support the under represented. Giving people a platform to elevate their craft through podcasts, events, online workshops and live streams.

NATMAC, a local DJ, founder of the Electronic Music Council and is the boss lady of Underground Ovation. She uses her experience, knowledge and connections in the electronic music industry to find ways at supporting others reaching their goals.

Recently, NATMAC paired up with one of the biggest Irish female techno acts and one of Cork's local Digital Marketing Professionals to support local women in Electronic Music with an aim at increasing female representation on lineups in Cork. Yasmin Gardezi [DJ], Hannah Falvey [Digital Marketing] and NATMAC were joined by women from Cork, Kerry, Shannon and Waterford. Here the workshop created a safe learning space where women could connect and develop their knowledge about the industry aswell as learn some of the basics on the club standard, PioneerDJ deck setup.

Since doing this workshop, several of the group have been included in event lineups, festival bookings and even running their own club night.

More open workshops to continue in the future, get in touch or sign up to the mailing list.