GROUP SESSION (2-4 people) [60mins]

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Step into the DJ game with DJ NATMAC at Underground Ovation Bunker, but this time, bring your crew of 2-4 people! You don't need any prior experience. Get ready for a 60-minute group lesson where you'll dive deep into DJ essentials using top-notch PioneerDJ gear (CDJs and Mixer).

NATMAC will drop the knowledge you need to start your DJ journey, and you'll vibe together, sharing insights and building your skills as a tight-knit crew.

When it's time to show your skills to a live audience, Underground Ovation's open deck nights got your back. Get ready to flex your newfound talents in front of a real crowd and make some noise in the music scene.

Gather your crew and book your spot—it's time to turn up the beats and ride the DJ wave! No experience needed; just bring your love for music and a hunger to learn. 

    Terms and conditions apply for use.

    One set of Headphones provided.

    Fully liable for any damages.

    24 hours cancellation policy to receive a full refund.